Dura-Metal products provides a wide range of precision grinding services to industry. Precision Grinding is a cutting operation in which abrasive grit comes into contact with a work piece and removes a small chip or swarf. Grinding is usually performed by abrasive wheels that consist of aluminum oxide or silicon carbide particles, or superabrasive wheels that consist of synthetic diamond, or cubic boron nitride (CBN) particles. The abrasive particles are held together by a resinoid, vitrified or metal bonding material.  Grinding machines are equipped with grinding wheels and fixtures for holding, positioning, rotating, or traversing the work piece. The grinding wheel rotates on a motor-driven spindle at about 2,000 surface meters (or 6,500 ft) per minute. Grinding machines are usually classified according to the shape of the work piece, the manner in which the work piece is held, and machine structure.

Shown is a precision CNC Jig grinder


The four basic types of precision grinding machines are:

  • Center-type cylindrical grinders
  • Centerless grinders
  • Internal grinders
  • Surface grinders
Center-type grinders accommodate cylindrical work pieces that have been drilled at the center of each end. This enables the work piece to be held "between two centers" and rotated. Dura-Metal can accommodate work pieces up to 60" long and 16" diameter.

Centerless grinders eliminate the need for drilling the center at each end of the work piece. Instead, a rest blade and a regulating wheel support the work piece. The regulating wheel controls the rotation of the work piece.

Internal grinders
fabricate the inside diameters of components that need a precision bore. Internal grinder wheels are small and rotate at very high speeds (7,600 to 60,000 rpm). During grinding, the work piece rotates slowly in the circular direction opposite to the grinding wheel.

Surface grinders
are used on flat surfaces. The work piece rests on a flat table and is held in place by magnetism or fixturing. After the grinding wheel is lowered onto the work piece, the table can either reciprocate or rotate to facilitate grinding of an entire surface.

Wide Range of Grinding Capabilities:
  • Internal Grinding -- Overbeck, Okamoto, Heald
  • External Grinding -- Tschudin,Kellenberger,Toyoda,Okamoto, Shigia,Etc.
  • Radius-Grinding -- Special / Proprietary
  • Optical Grinding -- Cincinnati
  • CNC Jig Grinding -- Moore
  • Form Grinding -- Parker Majestic, Mitsui, Brown Sharpe
  • CNC External / Internal Grinding Including Non-Round External Capability -- Weldon, Okamoto

Pictures of grinding equipment & precision ground parts represent a small sample of the services we offer.

Dura-Metal Products Corporation stations more than 90 grinding machines on its shop floor. How can we put this precision equipment to work for you?

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